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This is my bookshelf. Every book here is a book that I have read, are reading, or plan to read. 

The practice of reading was instilled into me when I was little. My mother would read to us daily stories and once I was in school I had wonderful teachers that pushed us to get lost in books. I remember getting my hands on The Baby-Sitters Club series and finishing it in a couple of weeks. I also loved reading Goosebumps. As I got older, I turned to reading to understand life better and learn how others have dealt with their own fears and life questions. I take solace in the words of writers and reading has made me a stronger writer. 

Every book I have read has influenced my way of thinking and taught me something new.

If you have a book that has changed your life let me know. I would love to read it. 

when breath becomes air.jpeg
Verbal Judo.jpeg
Think Again.jpeg
Tipping Point .jpeg
The Untethered Soul.jpeg
The Sun Also Rises.jpg
The Rainbow Comes and Goes.jpeg
The Soul of Creativity.jpeg
The Measure of Our Success.jpeg
The Illusions of a Messiah.jpeg
The Hatchet.jpeg
the grat gatsby.jpeg
the Artist's Way.jpeg
The Alchemist.jpeg
The 80:20 Principle.jpeg
Star Girl -.jpeg
Staring At the Sun.jpeg
wonderland avenue.jpeg
shoe dog.jpeg
Siddartha .jpeg
Rich Dad Poor Dad.jpeg
Predictably Irrational.jpeg
A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Gen
Over The Top.jpeg
Never Split The Difference.jpeg
zen the art of happiness.jpeg
wonderland avenue.jpeg
A Thousand Splendid Suns.jpeg
Originals .gif
Art & Fear.jpeg
Letters to A Young Poet.png
I Will Teach You To Be Rich.jpeg
How To Get Rich.jpeg
Lean In.jpeg
Enrique's Journey .jpeg
Fahrenheit 451.jpeg
No Rules Rules.jpg
Intelligent Investor.jpeg
Blind Spot.jpeg
Zero to One.jpeg
Do The Kind Thing.jpeg
awakening joy.jpeg
Zen Mind, Beginners Mind.jpeg
Letters to my Son.jpeg
Winner Takes All.jpeg
What the Dog Saw.jpeg
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