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In the year 2022, I embarked on a transformative journey as an artist, venturing into the world of NFTs. With great excitement and dedication, I minted my inaugural photograph, marking the beginning of my digital art odyssey. Through strategic online endeavors, I diligently cultivated an audience that resonated with and admired my artistic expression. This led to a series of remarkable achievements, as I successfully minted and sold out over five captivating collections, garnering the attention and support of
more than 90 esteemed collectors.

My art serves as a mirror, reflecting my daily experiences and the way I navigate life. It is a documentation of my world, freezing moments in time and allowing me to slow down and appreciate the happenings around me. Through my photos and videos, I capture the essence of the people within my immediate circle, utilizing natural light to illuminate my subjects. Viewing the world through a cinematic and voyeuristic lens, I become a visitor and observer in my own life, capturing the intricate details that define our humanity, often overlooked by others.


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